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Service Gateway – SSO For Your Enterprise Portal

When you use SSO, then you need a Login Page
that works with your business model. In addition, you need an application that is simple for you to access if you need it. This usually means that you want an application which may be customized and built around your business model and SSO. Service Gateway has these two things.

login page

When you use SSO, it’s quite important to have a login page which works as you expect. If you are using the support portal property to automatically redirect users to their main Identity Provider, Service Gateway will automatically redirect them to this Identity Provider. However, when you’ve got multiple Identity Providers, Service Gateway displays a link in your login page to’Use external login’.

The reason why I mention this connection is because Service Gateway provides this link so that if your clients enter their login information in the portal they can simply click on this link. It is going to then send them to their primary Identity Provider. This saves them having to go through the lengthy process of getting their login info manually to the portal. Service Gateway’s solution to this problem is to redirect the customers to their outside provider.

The next great quality of Service Gateway is its ability to handle your password storage. Ever since your service is about security and identity then it needs to be easy to manage your password. Service Gateway utilizes its inbuilt password management application. If your password becomes compromised it will be automatically reset and you will have a secure password again.

A number of the password management applications provided by Service Gateway include the ability to configure your password as you wish, you may even set the password for the user login and then place the password for this user login. If your password becomes compromised along with an individual accesses your Service Gateway website using their login info which password will be instantly reset.

Each these attributes make Service Gateway very easy to use and configure. There are a lot of other features but those mentioned here are what I feel are the best.

The drawback to this system is that so long as you have a username and password set up then your site will be able to be accessed using your own username and password. There are a few other alternatives such as allowing people to gain access to your site using an IP address or even allowing them to sign with a social security number.

Many of the other sites like to charge you some type of subscription fee when you get access for their own support gateways. You truly have to do a little bit of research on your own to learn which ones are worth your while. The majority of them really are a really low cost and affordable for most companies.

I would also recommend checking the reviews on these sites to learn what others consider the services. I personally don’t use some of the paid ones because they all seem quite similar.